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"We live in a paradise, but we do not care to know."
Fedor Dostoevskij


Tranquility and discretion.


Casale Sterpeti not only combines rural Tuscany with the splendid sea that washes around it.


Casale Sterpeti represents a necessary shelter, making moderation a philosophy that resonates in every element of it. From the people who brought to life its location within the territory, to renovation and furnishing, sobriety becomes a fundamental and constant principle, never becoming intrusive.


Quiet yet austere is its presence in the Maremma hills. Quietly it welcomes guests seeking silence. Quiet was the birth of this project in search of a dignity to be returned to the land.


Only the liberation from a daily routine made up of schizophrenic rhythms can return man to authenticity, solidarity and the rediscovery of the senses.


Casale Sterpeti wants to offer the wholeness of air, water and soil, wants to promote the preservation of memory and beauty representing a point of arrival in the Tuscan Maremma.


From its location, the sight gets lost between elegant vineyards, centuries-old oak and cork forests, lush wheat fields and the pristine sea, between shades of color that vary according to the season.


A modest but ambitious intention to provide a healthy pleasure experience.


Casale Sterpeti was an abandoned building begging for care. It appealed to us so much that we decided to bring it back to life.


The renovation was designed and carried out trying to keep the farmhouse in harmony with its surroundings by using materials from the surrounding area.


The stones for the cladding of the farmhouse were recovered from the neighboring land. The wooden beams in the interiors and attics of the Casale were restored. The terracotta tiles found here have been restored and shine with new splendor, preserving the signs of time.


The best techniques of bio-architecture and energy saving were used, without forgetting the need to achieve high comfort standards for our guests.


Energy saving was the common thread that accompanied us throughout the renovation phase.


Casale generates heat through a solar thermal system and a pellet boiler for peak energy demand.


Casale has low heat loss and cooling produced thanks to state-of-the-art fixtures and insulation in the walls and ceilings, which also enhance the comfort of guests through their soundproofing properties.


Casale recovers precious rainwater by channeling it into the systems used to irrigate the vegetable gardens and green areas. The farmhouse avoids wasting water by adapting the washing to the guests’ requests and by equipping the taps with flow meters.