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Breakfast at
Casale Sterpeti

At Casale Sterpeti, food represents a fundamental element that nourishes body and mind.

Here, food is like home, with the desire for guests to experience the familiar everyday life that has always gathered everyone around a table.


Not only in the atmosphere, but also through the products, Casale Sterpeti wants to make its guests aware of the pure essence of food. And it does so by taking inspiration from traditional recipes and genuine flavors, thanks to local raw materials and those from our gardens.

Food that we must save to save ourselves.


More than ever, we believe that the first criterion at the table is the return to freshness and simplicity. Rediscovering the taste of jam turned for hours, the wonders of sourdough and all the creativity that can be put into a dessert: That’s what makes the difference and that’s what we want to offer our guests in the good morning.

Casale Sterpeti breakfast is all this: love, memory, “commensality”, feeling at home.


At Casale Sterpeti you will also have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of wines and craft beers accompanied by cheeses, cold meats and vegetables from our own gardens. These can be served in the comfort of your room or outside, enjoying the tranquility of the countryside and the splendid view of the sea and the surrounding hills.